32′ – 36′

The Rivelles Series offers a perfect blend of custom and classic StanCraft style. You can modify your interior colors and choose various engine types and powers.


We consider the Sleeks to be the Rolls Royce of wooden boats. With it’s modern curves, customizable interior, along with the famous StanCraft ride every body of water will truly feel like riding on glass.


River Boat & Elli Yacht

Fun meets affordable with these beauties named after the 4th generation of StanCraft. Don’t underestimate their size for lack of comfort or power.


Exosets & Flash XM Series

As you can see, these are our most luxurious class of boats. You will experience the pleasure of a true yacht combined with the custom features found in all our boats.


This is where your imagination runs wild.

Here is where the sky truly is the limit. If you’re ready to stretch your creative muscles and want to own a truly spectacular creation where budget is not a factor, let us begin.

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